How To Stop A Puppy From Biting

How To Stop A Puppy From Biting

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For most dog lovers, how to stop a puppy from biting is indeed a major challenge. In the beginning, your pup’s biting or nipping is only a part of his play, but what you have to realize is that you have to learn managing and controlling it soon enough before it leads to bigger troubles.

Biting is but a natural and important stage that most all puppies has to undergo especially when they are teething. At this stage, they simply enjoy the feel of sinking their newly grown teeth into almost anything, even their master’s foot or hand. At times, it doesn’t feel like having cute and cuddly puppy at all, instead, it more feels like having a snapping gator in the house.

Yet, such problem can still be cured, since you can always learn how to stop a puppy from biting and manage its biting tendencies. Note that, the earlier you start teaching your puppy how to stop biting, the easier it will be them and for you as well. It is because dogs still have soft mouths while they are still pups.

There are many effective training techniques on how to stop a puppy from biting. But, keep in mind first the following general dog behavior training rules, before we get into the details of the methods that you may employ to finally end your puppy’s biting problem: socialization and bite inhibition training of your puppy must go together.

Remember, hitting or slapping a puppy in the face never works! So, you should not ever do it because the end result is either your dog will just think you were just playing or on the other hand, you may scare him off. Consequently, it could lead to a more serious trouble than a mere nipping or biting behavior of your puppy.

Encourage the good habit and discourage the bad ones! That’s the main rule in putting an end to your pup’s bad biting habits. You may visit the Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer if you want to learn more about the basic rules on dog obedience and training especially on how to stop a puppy from biting.

Playing tug of war, chasing or wrestling with your dog only reinforces your puppy’s biting behavior.  The next you train your puppies to stop biting, you might as well avoid these types of games.

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Be consistent – this is the most important rule when it comes to training your puppy. Meaning to say, you and everyone who tries to train and stop your puppy from biting must only use a single style all the time.

Your dog will not know that his biting behavior is wrong unless you communicate that to him. You should not assume that your dog knows this already, it is up to you, as an owner, to show him what the acceptable habits are and those that are not. For this task, you are to take the part of the puppy’s littermates.

Puppies may also exhibit biting behavior for the reason that they want to stress dominion over you. This reason may be extreme; thus, in cases like this, such behavior must be put to an end as soon as possible. For puppies that are dominant, biting is only the start of other problematic habits. You may CLICK HERE if you want to know how assert your position as the dominant one in the relationship, being his master.

Here are some effective methods on how to stop a puppy from biting.

What you are supposed to achieve with this is to educate your puppy how to control the strength of his biting. Naturally, it is your puppy’s littermate that will set off this course, after which, it is now up to you continue on with it once your pup will be under your care. Although, this method does not guarantee that your puppy will never bite anyone anytime soon, however, there is an assurance that whatever damage caused, it shall be lesser.  It is only after you have given the right feedback with regards to the force of your puppy’s bite that you may start to minimize or lessen your dog’s biting tendencies.

It is always easier to correct bad biting habit if it is still in the earlier stage. You may also project the biting from your flesh to a chewing toy. Most of the time, this technique is what all you need in dealing with puppies that are still very young. So, from the moment that your little dog begins to nip on your foot, simply yell out a loud NO!  Give him instead a chewing toy; or, if your puppy is teething, it is advisable to give him ice cube instead of a toy.

How to stop a puppy from biting is one of the most common techniques that you should teach your dog.  Every time your puppy tries to or bites you, let him understand that it is causing you pain.  Their reaction to this is similar as when they are biting or nipping another dog.  They tend to stop when the other dog already cries for pain.  In this method, you need to let your dog be surprised by your reaction.  After yelping, stay away from your dog to let him see that you do not like what he is doing.  He will be able to realize that biting would make his playmate go away from him.

For more mature dogs, it is better to give them a command such as by saying “leave it!”  This is how to stop a puppy from biting.

In extreme cases of biting, immediately tell your puppy “No!” then, place your thumb in his mouth under his tongue while your fingers beneath his chin.  This would prevent your dog from biting and it would make him awkward.

Give your dog a reward each time he does something good and pay him no attention when he does something bad such as biting.

Training your puppy is the best way how to stop a puppy from biting.  You may use a glove in training your puppy by putting a substance that your puppy would surely repel once he tastes it. He will then learn that it is not advantageous for him to bite you.  It would be put in your dog’s mind that it is not tasty to bite you.  Smarter dogs will be able to identify the difference between having your gloves on and when you are not wearing them.

If your puppy is about six months old, the technique used on how to stop a puppy from biting is by placing a choke collar on your puppy whenever he bites you and tug his head.  His reaction to this is to quickly stop.  This will give your dog a distasteful orientation each time he would consider biting you.  You may think that such method is too much.  This is the reason why you should only do this in exceptional situations.  Giving punishment is less effective than by simply teaching your puppy the right things to do.

Below are recommended methods on how to stop a puppy from biting:

Whenever your puppy would try to bite you, sprinkle him with water.

Use rock-filled or coin-filled cans each time your puppy tries to nip.  Puppies get disoriented by the noise.

If your puppy is too aggressive for you to handle, you may seek professional help from a dog trainer or animal behaviorist.

But the most effective method is by trying to be consistent on your reactions and feedbacks that you give to your puppy each time he would do a bad behavior.

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