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Welcome to How to Train Dogs Right! We carefully put together a comprehensive resource containing dog training tips, tricks, and advice for that you can use right away on your dog, and truly learn how to train dogs right.

I love dogs as much as you do, and by training our “best friends” we can have happier, healthier lives together.

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How To Train Dogs

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Ok, let’s get right into some information on common dog problems and how to train dogs – the right way!

The following topics are very popular questions that people have about how to train dogs. We’ll cover a little bit here, but feel free to browse this website for more in-depth dog training tips & articles.

  • How to train dogs not to bark

This is one of the most common dog problems that people have, and if you know what I’m talking about here you know a barking dog can be really annoying to you and your neighbors! I should warn you, however, that if your dog or any dog is growling and bearing its teeth, it feels threatened and is about to bite. Please take this warning from the dog seriously, and you will want to consider taking the veterinarian or even possibly a dog dog psychologist.

The primary reason a dog barks is that they are bored. If you keep your dog active, take them on walks, and show them a reasonable level of attention, they will start to bark less or even stop altogether. A good way to stop your dog from barking is to distract him (or her) or interrupt the dog. This will break the dog’s pattern of barking, and you can repeat this over a series of days until you get the results you’re after.

  • How to train dogs not to bite

This problem is a bit more serious for dog owners, as a biting dog can be dangerous to people and other dogs. This might even result in the dog having to be put down! Biting is a completely normal behavior for all dogs, and it’s part of the way they communicate and establish relationships. There are actually three stages of dog biting, each comes with it’s own corrective action. Biting is a completely normal behavior for all dogs, and it’s part of the way they communicate and establish relationships.

Puppy Stage – Thankfully, biting at this stage is fairly easy to correct. You must establish dominance over the dog at this stage, and make him understand you’re in charge. Yes, pupping biting may be cute and seem playful, but as time goes on you will regret letting this behavior develop. Train your puppy not to bite with corrective words, actions, and *most importantly* strong Alpha body language.

‘Teenage’ Stage (about 1 year old) -

Adult Stage (2 years & older) -

  • How to train dogs not to jump

Jumping dogs can be very annoying to visitors, children, and you.

  • How to train dogs to sit

One of the most basic dog tricks, teaching a dog to sit can be a challenge at first. It can be done, however, if you keep a few simple tips in mind.

  • How to train dogs to do tricks

Dogs doing tricks is tons of fun for everyone. Teaching your dog tricks will require some patience up front, but can pay off big time!

  • How to train dogs to get along with cats

Long considered mortal enemies, dogs and cats actually can get along!

  • How to train dogs not to dig

Dog digging can be a very annoying problem, especially if you put a lot of work into your lawn

  • How to train dogs to attack

If you’re looking for a guard dog, teaching your dog to attack my be high on your priority list.